Hacking, writing, surfing, skating ... among other things.

Born in the 70s, raised in the 80s, learned in the 90s, careered in the 00s & living in the now.

sample-image This site is basically a dumping ground for stuff I don't feel like putting in social media (e.g. someone else's hands) or doesn't really fit on my other web sites. Which could be a lot or not much at all. It also serves as a sort of reference for people who want to know me and have found me by way of books, zines, articles, projects or arrest warrants.

I've lived a pretty wild life and in some ways, by association, still do. Maybe some of that will bleed into here? No idea.


To be well known these days is to have that fifteen minutes of Internet fame. Which I have had once or twice notably as a hacker for The NetBSD Foundation where I am listed as an inactive Key Developer and/or contributions to Nmap, dnet, other BSDs and sundry projects here and there. Piled on top of that I run a I don't know what site called systhread.net which has a tiny following of readers.

Fine Print

It is important to note: All opinions expressed here and/or systhread.net are mine and mine alone.



Fear does not take sides it creates them.



By no means; a programmer or engineer
Kernel, utilities and libs.
Nmap & DNET
UDP fingerprints from a file loader POC
NMAP changes to DNET patch-master
own network utils
I have written and maintain a lot of my own network utilities & programs.
hydras, ddos & breakins
on request for testing I have hydra'd and DDOSed systems
and logged into systems using various defaults and backdoors.

Skating & Surfing

sample-imageI skate every chance I can when there is no surf. The reasons I skate started with wanting to do something when there is no decent surf to hit. As with all things of this nature it grew completely on its own from there. I don't identify myself as a surfer, hacker or skater but these are all things which are a part of me and I am a part of. Through skating, of almost any variety, one can attain new levels of confidence by the nature of the activity: skateboarding is individual yet can be done with friends. It is one of the few things one can do and almost always progress, even a little, each time you do it. Take my word for it, the first time you ollie, the first time you carve a wall, grind a feature - your confidence will shoot through the fucking roof. It doesn't matter if you are fifteen or fifty.
skate pictures

sample-imageSurfing I do whenever possible. It is the source. There is nothing like surf stoke; a scientifically proven 100 percent natural high. People often associate the ridiculous waves like mavericks or the pipeline to surfing. That is big wave surfing, a totally different thing. I am a short and grovel board surfer. Generally I ride anything from two feet to twelve (if it is reasonable to get out there). This stuff, board riding and the life in general, it isn't about any one thing like speed junkies or that shit. It is a lot of stuff rolled into it and it is different for each person who chooses to do it. Ask a million surfers to explain what it means to them and likely you will get a million different answers.
surf pictures